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Ouiza Gallèze: Heidegger and the arabic thought


« Heidegger and the arabic thought » 
Présentation of the Mouchir Aoun’ book
Dr of Philosophy
The Book of Mushir Aoun, Heidegger and Arab thought, attempts to bring the Arab Thought closer to Heidegger'sconception. To understand his approach, it is necessary to begin with a presentation of Heidegger’s thought who wanted to revive the question of Being. First, he proposes to go back to Greek antiquity, when the Man, the Mind and the World were one, as Anaximander said: "All is One." Then, He proposes to overcome metaphysics, because it is the reason for warping ofthe question of Being. This is the problem of the Middle-Ages which, under the weight of theology, will reduce the scope ofhuman freedom and condition its behavior by multiple bans and the presence of an unknown force domineering force whocontrol their access to happiness.
Muslim countries, generally Arabs, are still – we must say it- in the realm of metaphysics. Although vague reforms were found in the middle of the last century, the XXIst century has brought a lot of surprises: a resurgence of religious movementsor Islamist revolutions that make unlikely the possibility of atheist existential thoughts germinate as those of Heidegger orSartre.
But, Mushir Aoun thinks otherwise. He explains how several countries have had illustrious characters, influenced byHeidegger, who marked their time, as Abdul Rahman Badawi in Egypt, Abul-Aid Doudou in Algeria or Fathi Meskini in Tunisia. Iran has even had a circle of " Islamic Heideggerians " under the direction of Fardid. Things are not easy and protesters are numerous.
But for their salvation, these countries would benefit from at least enjoy the Heideggerian method to relocate in human history, because they can not continue to live in intellectual isolation, to reject Western rationality and participate in theuniversalist movement only as consumers of technology.

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