Problems of Oriental Philosophy
Zumrud Kulizade: Problems of Azerbaijan Studies



Dr.Zumrud Kulizade

Azerbaijan studies [content of the concept]

Place of Azerbaijan studies in the system of research into the history of global spiritual culture and history of the Islamic cultural region.

Philosophical problems of modern Azerbaijan studies – [history of economic thought, history of literature, etc.].

Review of the history of philosophy of the South Azerbaijan, 19-21 centuries.

Regularities and distinctive features of the history of philosophy in North and South Azerbaijan [with due regard for their relations with the philosophies of the USSR and Iran]. General and specific.

On regularities and specificity of the history of economic and political-legal development of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani folklore and archaeology as sources for reconstruction of the history and the history of spiritual culture of Azerbaijan.

History as a whole and the history of culture of Azerbaijan in the light of the epos “Kitabi Dede Korkud”.

History and culture of Caucasian Albania in the light of Albanian and Armenian historiography.

Conceptual problems of the study of the history of the Azerbaijan philosophy: definition of the content of concept of the “history of the Azerbaijan philosophy”, methodological principles of its research; determination of undeveloped, topical and debatable issues.

Islam in the history of the Azerbaijan culture, in particular philosophy and in modern Azerbaijan studies.

Azerbaijan philosophy of the end of the XXI centuries [review].

Specificity of philosophical world outlook and mystical practice of non-orthodox trends in today’s Azerbaijan.

Specificity of world outlook and practice of research into “halvatiya” trend in Azerbaijan; relations between religious and secular sciences within the framework of spiritual perfection in the sect halvatiya and other sects existed in Azerbaijan.

Study and teaching of the history of the Azerbaijan philosophy within the framework of topical and debatable problems of modern historical-philosophical science.

Place of fuzzy logic by Lutfi-zadeh in the improvement of the model of history of socio-cultural development of modern society, particularly, Azerbaijan.

Lutfi-Zadeh’s heritage as applied to the system of education in Azerbaijan.

On necessity of setting up a department of methodology to study history and the history of culture of the Azerbaijan people under the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan.

On study of philosophy, logic, psychology and rhetoric in Azerbaijan.

Spreading of information about innovations in various spheres of the Azerbaijanian science; re-establishment of the information institute.

On coordination of scientific structures engaged in the problems of Azerbaijan and Caucasus.

Armenian historical literature on political and ethno-confessional history of the countries of the Islamic cultural region, including Azerbaijan [information, scientific analysis].

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