Problems of Oriental Philosophy
Zumrud Kulizade: Multiculturalism



Dr.Zumrud Kulizade


Multiculturalism as universal phenomenon of socio-cultural development. Semantics of “multiculturalism” concept.

Multiculturalism as a part of national-state policy.

Multiculturalism as a source of socio-cultural development and motive power of the history of global spiritual culture [history, the present].

Connection of multiculturalism with globalization trends in the history of culture development.

Role of multiculturalism in the development of the culture of ancient Greece, Sassanid Iran, caliphate, Mongolian and Turkic Empires, countries of the West.

Multiculturalism and Renaissances in the cultures of various regions worldwide.

Transformation of the content of “multiculturalism” phenomenon.

Multiculturalism and globalization tendencies in the modern socio-cultural development of the world.

Humanitarian science in the light of cultural globalization and essentially transforming multiculturalism of the later II-earlier III millennium.

Multiculturalism as a form of Western centrism manifestation in the process of cultures globalization.

Negative attitude of multiculturalism in some modern states of the West towards non-Western cultures and their bearers as expression of Western centrism and policy of imperialism in the sphere of culture.

Islam and the history of philosophy of the Islamic region in the light of multiculturalism [history, the present].

Multiculturalism in the countries of non-Western world, particularly, Islamic world, at the end of the XX and XXI centuries.

Multiculturalism in socialist and post-socialist areas [comparative analysis].

“Nationalism” and “internationalism” in the light of modern Western “multiculturalism” [in theory and practice].

Reflection of post-Soviet multiculturalism in the modern Russian science [New Philosophical Encyclopedia [Moscow, 2010].

On concept of the New Philosophical Encyclopedia in the light of modern Western multiculturalism and cultural globalization.

Multiculturalism and prospects of global development of cultures of the East and the West of earlier III millennium in the light of globalization and anti-globalization, tendencies of the modern socio-political development.

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