Problems of Oriental Philosophy
Journal of Problems of Oriental philosophy


"Problems of Eastern philosophy"

Along with the traditional philosophical studies issues of ontological, epistemological, etc. Plan revision deems appropriate publication in the journal articles on the following issues:

1. Methodological and ethical problems in the study of philosophy and the history of philosophy of the East.

2. Problem unification scientific categorical apparatus of cultural studies and philosophy.

3. Terms "philosophy", "the history of philosophy."

4. Ethnogenesis, ethnic culture, etnofilosofiya. Scope and content of the concepts of "ethnic philosophy", "regional philosophy," "Philosophy of Islamic culture in the region."

5. About vzaimosootnesennosti regional philosophy with the world of philosophy and the philosophy of individual ethnic groups. ...

6. About relationships raznoregionalnyh crops, particularly the philosophy of different regions.

7. Comparative structural-typological study of philosophy in different regions (theoretical and concrete historical aspects).

8. "West-East" in philosophy (both historically and at the present stage).

9. Ancient period in the development of philosophical ideas of Turkic peoples in the region.

10. Ancient period in the development of philosophical ideas Persian-speaking peoples of the region.

11. Ancient period in the development of philosophical ideas Arabic-speaking peoples of the region.

12. The role of archaeological research in the reconstruction of the philosophical ideas of Islamic culture of the peoples of the region in ancient times.

13. On philosophical views of shamanism.

14. The investigation of generality in philosophy of Arabic, Persian and Turkic peoples (problem, ways to solve it.)

15. Reflection of social, ethnic and cultural development in the philosophy of the Islamic peoples of the region.

16. Milestones urban civilization Islamic region and their reflection on a regional philosophy.

17. On the specifics of urban civilization Turkic region and its reflection in the regional philosophy.

18. On the development of culture and philosophy in the Islamic region in the period of Mongol rule.

19. Relationships mythology, religion, science, art, music and philosophy, the study of the phenomena of the data in the region of Islamic culture (theoretical and historical aspects).

20. Specificity of Islam as a religion and its reflection in the culture, in particular, the philosophy of Islamic region.

21. Multireligious Reflection on the territory of the Islamic region on the specifics of regional development philosophy, particularly the philosophy of individual flows.

22. Comparative analysis of the ethical and philosophical beliefs of Judaism, Christianity and Islam (general and special).

23. On the relation between philosophy and theosophy in the Islamic cultural region.

24. On the forms of expression in the philosophy of humanism Islamic region.

25. Eastern Philosophy (Islamic culture region) Renaissance, Enlightenment, Romanticism, etc. in comparison with the West and in the context of the history of universal philosophy.

26. Antireligious philosophy and heterodox currents of Islamic culture region.

27. Pantheism in the philosophical thought of the East and the West.

28. On the philosophical currents in the Islamic cultural region of XIX-XX centuries. philosophical and religious aspects of the data flows at the current stage.

29. Ideological currents Islamic region in Europe and America XIX-XX centuries. Philosophical and religious aspects of the data flows at the current stage.

30. Comparative study of mysticism in medieval and modern philosophy of the East and the West.

31. The role of philosophical traditions in the development of Islamic philosophy in the region.

32. Relationships modern Eastern and Western philosophy with different religions; general and specific in these relationships.

33. The relationship of philosophy of Islamic culture in the region with the philosophy of the Far East (China, Japan) and India (history and modernity).

34. Features contemporary philosophy of Islamic peoples in the region of the former USSR. On the prospects of this philosophy.

35. Information on research in the history and philosophy of the modern nations of the region of Islamic culture.

36. The relationship between science, religion and philosophy at the moment (problem and its solution is to experience the culture of individual peoples).

37. Philosophy of Islamic cultural region in the scientific literature of Europe, USA, the former Soviet Union, etc. (Data analysis).

38. European, American, Far Eastern philosophy in the scientific literature of the Islamic cultural region (information analysis).

*****Perhaps it would be appropriate and consideration the following issues:

- Ufology, mythology, religion, philosophy and their relationship;

- Ideas and concepts of social utopia in the culture of East and West (benchmarking).

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