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Philosophy of All-encompassing Unity

Philosophy of All-encompassing Unity and Modern Science:

The XXI century. Scientific discoveries and the content of the framework of categories and concepts of philosophy

The complexity of existence as a phenomenon and  of the regularities of its development in the light of the known restriction of the scope of disciplined inquiry has historically determined the formation of the existing philosophical concepts and the content of the basic framework of concepts of science and philosophy, and the appearance of the notions “chaos”, “inapprehensive”, “paranormal”, etc.

Proceeding from modern sciences in perception of existence and universalism of the process of inter-correction of scientific and philosophical ideas and notions as well as discoveries and hypotheses, it can be logically approved that experimentally-reasonable, and scientifically and hypothetically presentational  primordiality of reality and irreality,  substantiality and ideality, apprehensiblity and inapprehensibility of existence in the present orbit of development of rational and irrational perception can be more adequately presented not through materialistic, idealistic and dualistic concepts, but through the philosophical concept of all-encompassing unity of existence, irrespective of the difference in form of manifestation of material and ideal inceptions in it. 

The latest discoveries and hypotheses in sciences and humanities (Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Genetics, Medicine, Psychology, Logics, etc.), the coded nature of substance, Higgs’ boson, plasmoids, “the map of blood”, and so on and so forth, precondition the radical revision of  the content of the fundamental ideas and notions about existence, as a system in its variety and entirety, and about perception, and require a qualitatively fresh approach to the content of the notions “existence”, “material”, “ideal”, “objective”, “subjective”, “chaos”, “paranormal”, “development”, “ethnos”, “history”, moral and legal categories, etc.

In this respect, the reasoning for the choice of new philosophical concepts acquires a special significance as a discipline about basic principles of existence and perception and general methodology of inter-disciplinary researches of philosophy of all-encompassing unity in the edition, which does not underline the necessity in form of manifestation of antecedence of either material or ideal inception. We think, the priority of the given concept in the presented edition is approved also by the presence of different forms of its self-expression in the history of global intellectual culture, and by the scientific achievements and hypotheses of modern science, and its potentials to actively stimulate the further development of perception.

The methodology of the respective concept of all-encompassing unity can expediently recognize the synthesis of the dialectical method with the principles of comparativistics and what is known as “fuzzy logics” of L.Zadeh.

The development of modern science, on the basis of which a new philosophical world view is being formed, requires revision and improvement of the moral and legal responsibilities of scholars for the discoveries that lead to antihuman consequences and are inconsistent with the principle “Primum non nocere”. Perhaps, similar to such institutions as International Law and Court, there is also a need in the Institute of International Moral Censorship with taboo and precepts for scholars.

The presented material is for discussion and consideration. Part of the stated provisions has repeatedly been published by me in Azerbaijan. In 2011 Vestnik  RFO#1 (the bulletin of the Russian Philosophical Organization) published my article “On the Philosophical Concept of All-encompassing Unity in the Light of Modern Science (methodological research)”. The given concept was the subject of wide speculation at the scientific and theoretical conference in the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan in March 2010, which found its reflection in a great number of presentations and speeches of the representatives of sciences and humanities, the conference materials were placed in the internet ( and had over 500 thousand viewers.

The information on the discussions of the philosophical concept of all-encompassing unity as an interdisciplinary scientific methodology found its reflection also in Candidate of Philosophical Sciences G. Seyidova’s presentation on “The Philosophical Concept of All-encompassing Unity in the Researches of Modern Azerbaijani Scholars” at the VI All-Russian Philosophical Congress (Nizhny Novgorod, 27-30 June 2012).

I would very much like to know the opinion of the scholars on the expediency of recognizing the philosophy of all-encompassing unity as a general philosophical methodology of interdisciplinary researches.

Guluzadeh Zumrud

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences

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