Problems of Oriental Philosophy
Journal of Problems of Oriental Philosophy

The international scientific-theoretical journal devoted to the problem of studying
and teaching of oriental philosophy in the context of world philosophy

Prof. Dr. Zumrud Kulizade
Azerbaijan Republic

The journal named «Problem of Oriental Philosophy» puts purpose of strengthening of scientific interrelations between researchers of philosophy of Islamic region and revealing unstudied and controversial problems of philosophy of this region and informing of scientific community on less well-known history of philosophical culture of the people of Islamic region and its actual state.
The problem of studying and teaching of philosophy of region in a context of world philosophy take special place in journal. The journal has been annually published in duplicate (in the Azerbaijan and Russian languages) with resumes of articles in the Arabian, Persian, Turkish, English, German and French languages since 1996. This journal is constantly sent to known libraries of the East and the West.
The journal has an electronic variant. It is possible to get it from www.orientalphilos and address. The official site of journal named «Problem of Oriental philosophy» has been activate since November of 2010. Besides the Azerbaijan Internet users, to this site address have visited above 350.000 Internet users from every side of the world since April of 2010 until today.
The journal named «Problem of Oriental philosophy» is looking forward to your articles expressing the attitude to put questions, and invites you to participate in discussion of problems.

Azerbaijan Republic
Baku city
Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
Tel: (99412) 439 34 61, 439 37 28, 439 25 81
Faks: (99412) 5371139
ISSN 2219-7370

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