Problems of Oriental Philosophy



Taking into account a level of the Forum audience and time-limit Ill try to submit for discussion in a form of thesis some positions connected with the theme, in-formation on which takes place already for long time in the printed literature and Internet.

The basic priority at studying the history of culture at the modern stage of the global socio-cultural development, taking into regard specificity of the economic, political and ideological crises and contrapositions, must be dealing with a society in history of the past and present spiritual culture of the different regions, the presence of humanism and tolerance in theme, as foundation for survival of the mankind and Man.

To realize this lofty aim there is a need in revision of the conceptual approaches to investigation of spiritual culture and, in particular, history of philosophy as essence unity in a majority of manifestations. The time has come to draw nearer creation of history of universal culture, in particular, history of the universal philosophy which will approach the mankind to realization of the justice of the first thesis of averroism “The mind of all people is unite”, against of which there was pronounced an anathema in France in the 13 century.

Lets dwell on some problems and priorities necessary for realization of the above-stated aim.

First of all, as we believe, the qualitative vision of widely presented west-centrist approach, having tendency to expansion in modern culturology, including also historic-philosophical science, is necessary. It becomes apparent in scientifically not adequate and morally not acceptable forms of illuminating history of philosophy of the peoples of the east, including also history of philosophy of the Islamic region in the studies of generalizing character under title of “ History of philosophy”. We meet with similar phenomenon in the system of modern philosophical education as well, what, to a definite sense, disorients social consciousness quite often provoking not adequate attitude to the representatives of the eastern and, in particular, region of Islamic culture, what causes the different forms of opposing, provocation of abnormal manifestations of modern multiculturalism in the USA and a number of countries in Europe.

In the light of the said, perhaps, actual may be:

  1. Revision of concept of the studies of history of spiritual culture and, in particular, history of philosophy, not as local but as the universal processes of the global socio-cultural development, proceeding from the experience of different regional cultures, when at admitting their peculiarities, an attention is accentuated on their historical common regularities.
  2. Priority for modern humanitarian science, in particular, post-soviet one, is the choice and selection of philosophical conceptions of both methodology of interdisciplinary researches and correction as well, proceeding from the experience of different regional philosophical cultures, representation of the basic conceptual-categorical apparatus for historic-philosophical science and culture study.
  3. It is necessary to think over the value criteria at scientific appraisal of essentially analogical phenomena in different regional cultures, to refuse from not simple, incompatible with declared political and moral ideals  oriented towards democracy of the states, modern attitude to the peoples and cultures of the East and the West.

Alongside with many other priorities there should be referred to priorities also making precise the content of notions “ethos”, “ethno culture”, “ethno-territory” and etc., which at present serve as sources for not only scientific and ideological but also bloody, ethno-political conflicts.

One of the striking exacuples of the stated  is Azerbaijan, where today’s Forum takes place.

In connection with the problems set forth some Words on activity of the Azerbaijani researches who:

  1. Suggest a new wording of philosophical conception of all-unity as a methodology of interdisciplinary studies.
  2. Suggest correction of the programs on history of philosophy in the system of modern education revision in them of history of philosophy of the Islamic region.
  3. Edit the international scientific-theoretical journal “The problems of oriental philosophy (

(Journal has been edited since 1966, since 2010 it had more than 2 000 000 reviews of the representatives of almost 60 countries in the Internet)

  1. Have created Internet-Forum ( for the purpose of making ready the combined work on history of philosophy of the Islamic region peoples.


                                                 Z. Kulizadeh

                                             The chief research workes.

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