Problems of Oriental Philosophy

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Dear Colleagues,

Since 01 January, 2012 a staff team of the Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law of ANAS and editorial staff of international scientific-theoretical journal "Problems of oriental philosophy" with the support of the “Science Development Fund” under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan has created a special electronic forum dedicated to actual and controversial problems of research and assessment of philosophy and the history of philosophy of Islamic cultural region in the context of the history of global philosophy.
One of the main aims of the scientific project is to prepare a real ground for creation of the first composite history of philosophy of Islamic region peoples.
Everybody who is interested in the topic is welcomed to get familiarized with our website. We are glad to cooperate on our website and in person.
P.S Languages of the website are Azerbaijani, English and Russian. Our website can contain resumes on mentioned languages, and also works on Arabic, Persian, Turkish, French and German.

Scientific supervisor of the project is Doctor of Philosophy on Philosophy
Mrs. Zumrud Kulizade, chief scientific officer of Institute of Philosophy,
Sociology and Law of ANAS, chief editor of journal
“Problems of Oriental Philosophy”.

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