Problems of Oriental Philosophy


Zumrud Kulizade
Doctor of philosophy on philosophy

1. Based on the experience of history of spiritual culture and particularly the history of multiregional philosophic studies, we adhere to the classical definition of philosophy as a universal phenomenon of spiritual culture, study on basic principles (laws) of objective reality represented by the unity of the material and the ideal (non-material).
2. The subject of the history of philosophy is the description and scientific interpretation of replacement of philosophic ideas and doctrines through time.
3. The history of World philosophy is the unity of multi ethnic and multi regional philosophic studies. The existence of the history of world philosophy is conditioned by its subject. Meaning the multitude in the unity, the phenomenon and the concept of "the history of world philosophy," is similar to phenomena and concepts of "History of World Literature," "History of the World of Art", etc.
4. Phenomenon and the concept of "the history of philosophy of Islamic region peoples" as well as the phenomenon and the concept of " history of philosophy of Christian region", "History of Eastern philosophy," "History of Western Philosophy" is structurally and ideologically a multifaceted phenomenon. Historically, this phenomenon as a phenomenon and the concept of "the history of philosophy of Christian region," or the phenomenon and the concept of "the history of the philosophy of the western region”, includes a set of pro-Islamic, indifferent to Islam and anti-Islamic teachings of the region, supremacy of Islam. Existing stereotypes "Islamic philosophy", "the Arab-Islamic philosophy" do not cover the philosophical culture of the peoples of the Islamic region.
5. Philosophy of Islamic region historically is a part of world philosophy. Appeared on the basis of the synthesis of Eastern and Greek philosophy, it has become one of the most effective factors in the formation and development of the Western European culture. Renaissance of Islamic spiritual culture has become an origin of Western European Renaissance and further development of global philosophy, including the European philosophy, the latter, has influenced and influences on the spiritual culture and philosophy of the Islamic region.

6. The philosophy of the region the Islamic culture its place and role in the history of world philosophy, has not received an adequate scientific reflection in the historical and philosophical literature, particularly general researches on the history of philosophy which claim to cover the world philosophy.

7. Stated above, as well as the globalization process in the social culture, trends of humanization and democratization in the modern society, along with essential transformation of the content of contemporary multiculturalism cause actualization of the researches focused on the creation of comprehensive works on the history of philosophy of Islamic region peoples. An active scientific discussion on a professional level with the involvement of multi regional experts, concepts of general methodological principles, specific research methods, structure and proposed models for future historical summary of the philosophy of the peoples of Islamic region is needed.

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