Problems of Oriental Philosophy


Prof. Dr. G.S.Tabrizi
(Great Britain)

Eastern literature and philosophy are taught and researched in King’s Collage, in London. In the Eastern department of Edinburgh University many eastern languages, as well as Persian and Turkish languages are taught. But eastern philosophy is regarded something out of literal and philosophical systems. It makes an image that Eastern philosophy is different from western and world philosophy system, and there is a need of special study and research of eastern philosophy which is completely different from western philosophy.
But the philosophy of Islamic region is presented very differently. This course is represented to students as something exotic.
In 1967, when I was writing my doctoral dissertation, witnessing tracks of east and Islam in western romantic, especially in William Blaick’s writings involved my attention. In a result of my research I came to the following conclusion that all English and German romantic poetry had a thought which one proper to items of Islamic philosophy and their thought almost coincide.
From William Blaick’s poems and prophetic writings it seems that he considered Eastern philosophy fundamental: “The philosophy of East taught that the first principles of human perception”. He was against of the views that only Greek philosophy was accepted but others have been rejected in the West, and had an opinion that all nations are capable to have own philosophy. “The religious of all Nations are derived from each Nation’s different perception of the Poetic Genius, which is everywhere called the Spirit of Prophecy”.
All human beings are in same shape and all religions are similar, that is because, roots and origin is same.
Relying on these principles we can have an opinion that eastern and western mode of thinking in result are similar. “As all men are alike (tho’ infinitely various), So all religions; & as all similar, have one source. ‘ The true Man is the source, he being the Poetic Genius’).”
To say in regret that teaching and research of Islam in western universities have been stayed outside from the world philosophical system. We can observe it in London, Edinburgh, Cambridge and other universities. It is very important to give an attention to all of these facts.
For their notions eastern and western philosophies are not different. But western world historically and sometimes in a modern world regards the east as its colony; they appear to be in a wrong attitude.

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