Problems of Oriental Philosophy


Prof. Dr. Ilham Mamedzadeh
Director of Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law of ANAS

Philosophy as science has the big history and a lot of sciences have separated from it. Therefore the question on the ratio of philosophy with sciences is one of the vital and the analysis of the mutual connections between philosophy and other sciences gives an open space to reflections both to scientists from other sciences, and philosophers. Besides, philosophy comprises the most philosophical disciplines such as history of philosophy, philosophy of history, ethics and aesthetics, social philosophy and methodology, etc. From time to time it results to that philosophy is perceived as, consisting of a number of disciplines and through that losing the specificity of the philosophical knowledge itself. Such situation has just now been formed. Therefore it is important to realize what philosophy is and what links of philosophy with philosophical disciplines are. Certainly, mutual relations of philosophy with natural sciences also are of doubtless interest, but we are going to touch on this question in other articles. A question on the ratio of philosophy with philosophical disciplines, public sciences and the humanities is today seen more important for the development of the Azerbaijani philosophy. From our point of view, the interest to these questions has not only a value for philosophy, but also for the society, and in the long term for the individual too. Azerbaijan is in the situation of transformation, modernization of a civil society that is forming a new order. A process of complication of the reality is developing, and it always results to that problems of consciousness, thinking, types of domination, various differentiations in morals become interesting not only for experts, but also for managers, citizens with an active position, etc.

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