Problems of Oriental Philosophy


Choice of priorities in the study of the spiritual cultural history.


Taking into account the level of audience Forum and their limits of time, I will try to present a succinct form to discuss some of the subject matter of the position information that is already there is a considerable amount of time in printed literature and on the Internet.

The main priority in the study of the history of culture in today's economic, political and ideological crises and confrontations, should life coverage in the history of the past and contemporary spiritual culture of different regions of the public, the presence in them of humanism and tolerance as the foundation of human survival and Man.

In the name of this lofty goal requires the revision of conceptual approaches to the study of spiritual culture, and, in particular, the history of philosophy as an essential unity in a variety of manifestations. It is time to approach the history of the creation of a universal culture and , in particular, the history of universal philosophy that will bring humanity to the realization of justice devotee in the thirteenth century in France anathema Averroes first thesis : "the mind of all people are one."


Let us discuss some of the issues and priorities necessary for the implementation of the above named purposes .

First of all, it seems, need a quality review of a broad-based and has a tendency to expand in the modern culturology , including historical - philosophical science ,Western centrist  approach. Last seen in various scientific inadequate and morally unacceptable forms of lighting the history of philosophy of the East, including the philosophy and history of the peoples of the Islamic region in the research survey character called "The History of Philosophy." Since we encounter a similar phenomenon in the system of modern philosophy of education, which in a sense confuses the public consciousness , often causing improper attitude towards representatives of the eastern , and, in particular , the region's Islamic culture , promotes various forms of confrontation and provocation ugly manifestations of modern multiculturalism in the U.S. and number of European countries .

In light of this , perhaps , are relevant ;

1. The revision of the concept of research stories of spiritual culture , and in particular philosophy, not local as well as universal processes of global socio - 's Cultural Development , based on the experience only regional culture , when in recognition of their identity , focuses on the general laws of their historically .

2 . The priority for the modern humanities , especially in the post-Soviet , the search for and selection of philosophical concepts as a methodology for interdisciplinary research , as well as adjustments based on experience only regional culture philosophical , conceptual and basic concepts - categorical apparatus historical - philosophical science and culturology .

3 . Produmat value criteria necessary for the scientific evaluation of essentially similar phenomena in only regional culturekulturah to abandon controversial, which is incompatible with the proclaimed political and moral ideals of democracy -oriented , modern attitude to the peoples and culture East and West.

The priorities , along with many others should also include clarification of the terms " ethnic group ", " ethnoculture ", " ethnic territory" , etc., which are now not only serve as a source of scientific and ideological , but also bloody ethno- political conflicts.

One striking example of what has been said is Azerbaijan, where he now runs Forum.

In connection with the statement of the problem a few words about the activities of the Azerbaijani researchers that:

1. A new edition of the philosophical concept of unity as a methodology for interdisciplinary research.

2 . Proposed adjustment programs on the history of philosophy in the modern education system , revising their place in the history of Islamic philosophy in the region.

3 . Is published by an international scientific and theoretical journal "Problems of Eastern philosophy » (

4 . ( The magazine is published with 1996goda since 2010 had over the Internet more than 2 million views of representatives of nearly 60 countries)

5 . Created an online forum ( for the purpose of preparing a consolidated work on the history of philosophy of Islamic peoples of the region.

6. We are open to any form of cooperation on these issues .

7. We expressed the position of the Azerbaijani researchers.



                 Chief Researcher, Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Honored Scientist of the Republic of Azerbaijan , Chief Editor of the international scientific - theoretical journal "Problems of Oriental Philosophy ," Dr . Philosophy Zumrud Kuli- Zade

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